Lake Superior Tributary Fishing

When you go on a Lake Superior tributary fishing trip, being prepared is key. Below you will find everything you need to know ahead of your trip!

Kent and Jordan have a combined 50+ years experience targeting anadromous trout and salmon on the world famous Brule River in Wisconsin as well as the turbid rivers of the Minnesota north shore. We can accommodate anglers of any skill level with top of the line spinning, centerpin, and fly rods available to our customers.

What to bring:

Any waders that are comfortable and dry will work. An important aspect to consider is your wading boots. The streambed of the Brule can be very slippery and boots with a felt bottom or studs are highly recommended. Remember, a lot of productive days on the Brule have been soured by leaky waders.

Food or beverage
Bring only what you can fit in your backpack or vest. It’s important to stay hydrated and energized, but you don’t want a 2 litre of Pepsi and a 4 course meal slowing you down as we cover numerous miles throughout the day.

A camera or phone with a camera
Any fish caught out of the Brule is a fish of a lifetime. Also, every angler has that one friend who won’t believe your fish story without proof. Your guides will also carry a camera or phone with camera capabilities and can email you any photos of your trophy.

Warm clothes.
We cannot stress enough how important layers are. You will enjoy yourself more and fish more effectively when dry, warm, and comfortable.

Eye protection
Glasses, sunglasses, or anything that protects your eyes from a bogey fly or split shot. Even the most experienced anglers have experienced the terror of a fly shooting back at their face after pulling out of a snag, fish, or after a misplaced cast.

Valid WI fishing license and inland trout stamp.
A valid WI license and inland trout stamp or MN license and trout stamp, depending on what waters you will be fishing. Contact your guide before your trip about which license to purchase.

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